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RPG Solo Adventures of Leo Sessions 4 & 5

Session 4
RE: The adventures of Leo in Tales of blades and heroes
The swords woman wakes up and still clutching her sword attempts to stand, Leo wakes from his dozing on the porch of the brothel and makes his way towards her, mindful of the way she was swinging that sword about a few hours ago he approaches with some caution, clearing his throat he tries to attract her attention.


Looking up she focuses on Leo whilst trying to maintain her balance, "who are you and what do you want?" as she stands she stretches taking some deep breaths and appears to visibly recover from her drunken state. Leo caught up in pondering his question has his musing interrupted by an impatient command, "never mind buy me breakfast and maybe you'll spit out what you want", she leads him to a tavern and sitting down orders some food, they fall to conversation whilst breaking their fast.

Silence the elf bully at the dwarven library.

It transpires that she is a sword master from the Castle of Puteoli sent to deal with an elf located within the Dwarven town here and she has identified a large library as his current location. Her Lord requires something the elf has and sent her to acquire it however the elf has reneged on the agreed terms and is demanding more than she can offer in payment.

Excellent spell book.

It is a rare and powerful spell book and the elf had agreed to trade it for 100 gold coins however he now claims to need 1000 gold coins for it, a vast and impossible sum. Unable to return a failure to her Lord she has been attempting to find other ways of acquiring it, this led to her partaking in a drinking contest last night with some Dwarfs and her confrontation with them when Leo arrived stemmed from a forgotten argument.

She asks for Leo's help in dealing with the elf an securing the book for her Lord by any means. Leo thinks this is just the sort of quest he has been looking for and her terms are acceptable. Should he succeed she will pay him 10 gold plus teach him some improved sword techniques which would otherwise take him a long time to acquire.

Does he ask her more questions before setting off?

(Likely) No.

In his enthusiasm Leo accepts and rushes off to start his quest, (this is becoming a common theme much more of this and I might have to give him Impetuous as a trait). Does he opt for a direct approach first?

(50/50) Yesbut... +Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal

Honest pirate.

As he heads down the street towards the library he is hailed by a large man dressed up as a caricature of a Pirate with two swords and at least ten pistols hanging from his large red coat, a tri-corn hat sits on his head and he has what could only be described as lots of hair... "Here laddie, over here.." gesturing Leo to come over, in his trusting nature Leo finds himself approaching him without second thought.

"Ye look like a man who can handle himself and earn some coin in the process, be I right?" "there be a dastardly elf bastard hiding in yon library and I need someone to flush him out for me, savvy?" Realising the chance of their being two elf's in the library Leo thinks he can double his money here and/or perhaps make his original quest easier!, then he remembers the bloody tavern and the pirates hunting for a half-elf. "err would you happen to have visited the Crown and Scroll recently?"

(50/50) Yes+Twist: Emotional event / Changes the goal

"Now will ye be helping me?" deciding discretion is the better part of valour at this time and he never liked that tavern any way Leo accepts, "err you mentioned some coin..?" Leo ventures,

45 = 45[d100]

"aye 45 gold if you help me get him alive, 45 silver if he is dead", "and you'll be here waiting will you?" asks Leo not wanting to wonder into him in the library.

(Somewhat Likely) Nobut...

"no but I'll give you a head start on him before I come in my self"
Session 5
RE: The adventures of Leo in Tales of blades and heroes
Leo makes his way onwards through the town towards the library, is he further held up?

(Unlikely) No.

Reaching the shadow of the library Leo pauses to take in the massive gothic architecture atop a huge set of steps. Imposing ornate doors filled the centre of his vision as he climbed the steps.

are the doors open?

(Unlikely) Noand...

armed guards in fancy uniforms are standing either side of the closed doors, taking this in Leo slows down his approach. How many guards are there?

10 = 10[d20]

"what sort of a library requires ten armed guards at the front door?" muses Leo. "This maybe harder than I thought!".

"Halt, what's your business here?" asks one of the guards, at Q4+ the guard opposes a persuasion test:

15 = 3[d6]+6[d6]+6[d6]

two Successes, Leo makes:

8 = 3[d6]+1[d6]+4[d6]

three failures! "err..I wanted to borrow a book?" ventures Leo, suspicious the guard brings his spear round in a vaguely threatening fashion, "it's not that sort of library" Does he allow further discussion?

(50/50) Yesand...

"Look let me level with you" wispers Leo in a conspiratal voice, "I have been asked to pass a personal message to one of the occupants here and I judge they will find what I have to say valuable..." Does the guardsman take the bait?

(50/50) Yes.

"Valuable you say, well there are important people here, exactly how valuable are we talking here?" asks the guardsman as he leads Leo away from the front door and along the side of the building. "I would be willing to donate one gold coin to the venerable guardsman retirement fund should you be able to fascilitate my entrance to yon library?" acceptance?

(Likely) Yesand... +Twist: PC / Alters the location

Judging them to be out of sight of the other guards he stops Leo, "right one gold coin and I can get you in the side door round here but once your in your on your own, deal?" does Leo negotiate for further information?

(Likely) No.

Once again Leo rushes in without asking for further information! Does he gain the impetuous trait? I judge each success to be one level of impetuousness:

7 = 2[d6]+2[d6]+3[d6]

no despite his actions so far he resists gaining it as a trait.

entering through the door the guard locks it behind him. Leo looks around, can he see any clues to help direct him?

(50/50) Yes.

Scroll case.

Lock picks.

Looking around at the nearby scroll cases Leo finds some lock picks! handy he thinks. "never have too many of these".

Moving further through the floor does he encounter any one?

(Unlikely) Yes.

Hyper noble.

"Ah good fellow I need some help..", checking over his shoulder Leo answers a finely dressed noble man holding a stack of leather books, "err.. me? how can I help.. Sir?" asks Leo, "I am trying to find a book and could use your help.."





"The Dragons beneficial weather elixir, a text by a most remarkable fellow"

Does Leo ask him any questions?

(Somewhat Likely) Nobut...

The Noble volunteers further information, "its a large red leather bound book and I'm fairly sure its not on this level and I haven't the time to waste checking the other floors, now I know I can not compel you to search on my behalf and I was instructed not to expect any help but there is some recompense in it for you?" Perking up Leo suddenly pays more attention "err what did you have in mind for arguments sake?"

25 = 25[d100]

"25 gold coins and"

Chainmail armor.

its a bit old as armour goes but it was good quality in its day if you want it?" Does Leo haggle?

(Unlikely) No.

"I accept Sir and where should I look for you should I find this item for you?"

Well-traveled town square.

"I will meet you in the town square outside tomorrow morning as I plan to leave on the midday coach". Turning he moves off clutching his books. Shaking his head Leo moves further into the library. Does he find the stairs?

(Likely) Yes.

do they go up?

(Sure Thing) Nobut...

Typical Leo thought look for a way up and what do I find but a way down..

Move away from goal.

Pack of feral dogs.

Hearing savage growling as he moves down the steps Leo decides this must be taking him the wrong way and hurries back up to look for a way up.

Does he come across anyone else before finding the stairs up?

(50/50) Yesand...

Ambitious cartographer.

Generous witch.

Leo turns a corner and finds himself looking at two odd charcters embroiled in a heated discussion..

Officially / Flawless.

NPC positive.

Ancient tomb.



"I tell you this is the right book.." "and I say its naw" noticing Leo they both turn and beckon him forwards, "ah wee lad perhaps you could help us resolve a difference of opinion?" asked a short woman with a slight hunch apparent through her shawl. "err if I can" ventured Leo. The essentric but well dressed man who had been the other half of the discussion turned to face Leo, "we are both looking for the Official guide to the ancient tomb of the knights of the shielded candle, a mysterious order of knights believed to have died out centuries ago but to have left a treasure trove within their hidden tomb and a disguised guide book leading to it is said to be within this library." "and this isn't it" interupted the woman. With a sigh the cartographer shook his head "and I say it is the best match to the rumoured guide in this library"

Seeing this could take some time Leo ventured "and how can I help?"

"well we would like you to do two things, one to keep an eye out for a better matching book than this whilst your hear, it should have a shield with a lit candle on it. We would also like you to take these copied pages from this book and see if you can locate the tomb for us?" "err sure no problem" taking the thrust out papers Leo hurried past the bickering pair and made his way up stairs. "this is a damn strange library" thought Leo as he thrust the papers into his bag.

Looking around the next floor..




Above average circlet.

High quality silver.

Liberated throne room.

Pocketing everything bar the urn Leo looked around what appeared to be a spacious throne room, "two things stike me as weird thought Leo, one why are there so many urns everywhere I look! and two what in the seven hells is a throne room doing in a library?"

Is there anyone in sight?

(50/50) Noand...

Musical instrument.

Whilst it appears deserted Leo hears music being played somewhere further on the floor passed the throne room. Moving towards the sound Leo reaches an ajar door.

Can he see anyone the other side of the door?

(Somewhat Unlikely) Nobut...

he can hear someone moving about playing the music. As Leo moves into the room can he see the person?

(50/50) No.

Does anyone hear him enter?

(Very Unlikely) No.

Opulent maze.

The next room appears to be some kind of wooden maze, does Leo find his way through the maze to the musical occupant?

(Somewhat Likely) Nobut...

He finds another room

Old secret entrance.

It appears to be a secret door left slightly ajar else Leo would have walked straight passed it.