Monday, 19 September 2016

Essex Warriors: Konflikt 47 (Bolt action) WWW2 6 player 15mm game

Seems like ages since I have got a game in at the club, and thats because it has been!

To make up for it I joined in a great 6 player 3v3 game of Konflikt 47 to try out the new version of their Bolt action rule system taking it into Weird WW2

I was one of the three German commanders taking on the American forces

A meet and shoot battle this time, no fancy objectives or anything like that lol
Great fun and for once my big gun Panzer Mech thing hit its one dice shot every turn making light work of the allied armour

usually on these systems one dice role even needing a 3+ means most turns I will either miss or hit but do no or little damage! not this time though halftrack, sherman tesla tank and another halftrack gave my tank commander a 3 for 3 result this game

The Allies withdrew at the end of turn three having lost all their heavy weapons with out reply

Great game, thank you to Mike at the club who as is often the case provided all of the terrain and miniatures in use

Added below here are a couple of the other games going on, a Pike and shot game very colourful, and a American Civil war game using Sharp practice which I think is the base for a couple of open day and show games in the coming months

For those in the UK near Essex it is the Essex Warriors Open day next weekend on Sunday 25th in Writtle from 10am, bring and buy, couple traders and lots of games on show pop down and have a look