Sunday, 13 March 2016

Working on some terrain to try and do more than think about gaming!

Realising beyond thinking about and adding to my collection I have not really been doing enough physical with it, as a consequence I decided I had to spend at least a couple of hours putting the start of some urban terrain together....

I have been reading and thinking alot about small gang skirmish recently be it Necromunda, Deadzone, post apoc settings like across the dead earth etc and too many others to list

As a result I decided I need to build a lot of the sci fi terrain I have sitting in boxes still/

(Side note I aim to not buy anything new given the amount of stuff I have to build and paint plus outstanding kick-starters combined with a distinct lack of gaming time!)

No that impressive you say, fairly average... well yes but its the first real terrain I have done anything with in a few years and I am pleased with the progress, once painted and based and added too further should look good (ish) well for me

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Next on the block

I have been increasing my pile of unpainted far quicker than I have been either painting or getting things painted and I need to reverse this trend!

I have a fair few Kickstarters out there still to come as well so I have decided to not purchase any more miniatures without selling something I have! 
well lets see how I do...

I have also recently added majorly to my terrain collection for a number of eras/genres 
And have lots to build and paint.

I also need to limit any new rule books I acquire... not gaming enough with the ones I have, although I am tempted by the This is not a test or TNT hardback that has just launched on KS

The figures I am next either having painted or hoping to get to myself include a number of gang type miniatures for use from 20th C through to Post apoc or Necrumunda 

Plus a few hundred more from various companies and those I already have painted that would be suitable... I may have overdone my Skirmish options....

Some of the Post apoc / Necromunda terrain I have recently acquired :-)

This first one will need some work to make it dilapidated and less plastic y

Some of the more historical terrain recently added

Hmm think I have enough terrain now too... especially once I get around to building all the MDF TT combat stuff I have..

Might need more storage boxes and then find time to get all this on the table!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Today at Essex Warriors

In no particular order these are some of the games that were on this morning at Essex Warriors.
I had to leave early so only partook one game of Zombicide black plague which was fun as usual.
Captured three of the other big games going on but missed out a few DBM games also being played.

I think this was Gruntz 15mm rules, looked great fun as usual, love these large mechs

Day 1 of a Napoleonic battle with the Austrians, I forget which but it looked really impressive.

Another impressive looking game was this one using pike and shott, 28mm English civil war I think by the looks of it or there abouts 

Finally black plague, 6 player game was good fun and for once we lost no adventures