Saturday, 5 March 2016

Some new miniatures arrive

Camera issues mean I only have one group snap to share but I intend to add more soon

These are a mix of figures painted by Keith Tait who has painted a fair few of my other miniatures.

These include some Musketeers and Cardinal guard along with some notables to enable a nice skirmish game.

Some swashbucklers that are technically a different period but I think they can mix without too many raised eyebrows if need be!

Two Fagans and their gang of urchins for a idea I have to run a pickpocket game.

Lastly the B-Team whom I will no doubt manage to field in random scenarios at some point

I have been looking at what's next on my table to get game ready and I am definitely looking at my gangs both near and future time periods

I also have 4 news teams that I like the idea of having roam around a hive trying to film the gangs with each gang trying to show off to their news crew whilst taking out the other gangs chance of fame