Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Next on the block

I have been increasing my pile of unpainted far quicker than I have been either painting or getting things painted and I need to reverse this trend!

I have a fair few Kickstarters out there still to come as well so I have decided to not purchase any more miniatures without selling something I have! 
well lets see how I do...

I have also recently added majorly to my terrain collection for a number of eras/genres 
And have lots to build and paint.

I also need to limit any new rule books I acquire... not gaming enough with the ones I have, although I am tempted by the This is not a test or TNT hardback that has just launched on KS

The figures I am next either having painted or hoping to get to myself include a number of gang type miniatures for use from 20th C through to Post apoc or Necrumunda 

Plus a few hundred more from various companies and those I already have painted that would be suitable... I may have overdone my Skirmish options....

Some of the Post apoc / Necromunda terrain I have recently acquired :-)

This first one will need some work to make it dilapidated and less plastic y

Some of the more historical terrain recently added

Hmm think I have enough terrain now too... especially once I get around to building all the MDF TT combat stuff I have..

Might need more storage boxes and then find time to get all this on the table!