Sunday, 27 September 2015

Essex Warriors Open Day

Just some snaps from the Open day at Essex Warriors today

Avery enjoyable but simplified game of Sails of Glory

A Star Trek game

Bolt action Tank warfare

Wrath of Kings

Wings of Glory

Not sure of the rule set but 15mm

Lion Rampant

Pike and Shot

A couple of other tables I didn't manage to snap plus some stalls and a bring and buy.
Late September every year and well worth popping in if your near Essex

Monday, 21 September 2015

New VBCW forces ready to go

Some new additions to my VBCW forces, BUF and Anglican league

New figures ready for the table

Some more recent additions to the collection, ready for the table

IHMN Socialist workers 

Steam walker and some big game hunters

Cowboys and indians

Some Swat and rebels

Cowboys and indians

Some newly painted figures added to my collection.

Some newly painted models done for me by Keith Tait. Getting ready to get into Frostgrave now I have all the wizards ready to go.

Slowly clearing the lead pile, compared to the lack of time for painting I have had.

Also aiming to use the knights for a tournament melee - still to decide on the rules for that though.

Some Gladiators and couple of carriages will also be of use.