Sunday, 14 June 2015

Today at the Club

Today I took part in a massive Kings of War 2 game, 6000 pts a side.
I had 4000 pts mostly made up of the Kingdoms of man plus some Dwarfs and I was allied with some 2000 pts of Undead.

Opposing this war host was some 6000pts + of deamons

This was the second mass game using these rules and I have to say I think they are definitely my new go too large scale fantasy rules set.

Can you field hundreds of troops - check
Can you field large and small units - check
Individual war machines - check
Heros - check
Utilise all of my current collection - check
easy to learn - check
easy to play - check
game time - fast

I'm sure it took longer to set up than to play or may be it felt that way. Either way once you understand the rules concepts and provided you have the stat's to hand this game move fast.

Needless to say it was a crushing victory for the forces of men, Hordes of Knights pack a real punch, and my war machines even had the joy of taking out a Giant near the start.

Also some photos from the other games on today: Critical Mass looking good with some Mech action, American Civil War and a WW2 Bolt action game.