Friday, 5 June 2015

More interesting items out there

There is a lot going on out in the wargaming community with Kickstarter and social media helping companies and gamers share projects like never before.

Reaper have announced their impending third Bones Kickstarter in the coming weeks.

Whilst I didn't go in for the first two I have found myself regretting that at times due to the amount of interesting miniatures produced.

Ever since I first saw this as a thing it has looked like so much fun!
If only this had come about ten years ago I would have been all over it but no chance these days :-(
Besides I would probably end up with a serious injury knowing my luck :-)

More evocative images from andredavisscifi photos

Imagine this was your first sight on a new world.. Habitats? Fauna?

A GTA of the future perhaps... Well I can dream. Looks like a cool RPG setting too

Really looking forwards to this game, the historical Total War series is one of my favourites

The more I see these the more I think they would make a cool necromunda esq gang preview freeborn domari squad

I have a lot of Memoir '44 stuff but this would put me well to shame and looks so much fun too

This is a great image, makes me want to hit the table with a band of intrepid explorers looking for the new world

Some great looking miniatures shared here but what's with the damn scary looking penguin!!

Only 99p PDF or epub at the moment. Iconic gunfight that inspires many tabletop western fights smile emoticon

This table blew me away, wish I could find the time, patience and skill to make something this cool

Some spurs to my imagination when I get around to modifying some hot wheels into post apoc rides!

Interesting kickstarter 

I have the PDF version of this from the Kickstarter but the printed version does look very nice

Interesting dreadball pitch not sure if I prefer it over the new one mantic are offering.. Much cheaper at £13.90 though... Also offer a second style

So looking forward to this even if it is only on the next gen consoles, at least I have a PC that should run it on max ;-)

Linked to this someone was kind enough to share their miniatures from a fallout setting :-)