Sunday, 7 June 2015

Photos from three of the games on at the club today

I only managed to snap three of the games running today at Essex Warriors.
Two of which I was taking part in and the third was right behind my chair!

First up was a three player game of Relic Knights.
I have not played this before, it is a card driven game with a different feel to it.
Once I got to grips with the mechanics it was good although I feel I likely made lots of errors compared to someone who knows the rules well.
Despite all of that some how I won the game :-) by obtaining 10VP first. (it was a close game)

The game behind me was a Dunkirk battle in 15mm which I understand the British won an overwhelming victory at today.

Looked good.

Few more Relic knight snaps

More Dunkirk taken at the battles close

The second game of which I partook today was a game of Judge Dredd, another game I have not previously played although with a more common set of dice mechanics that meant it felt fairly familiar.

A double team of Judges took on two gangs as they tried to escort a mad scientist through the waste land following a shuttle crash.

Top hat and some Mohawks

The leader and some of his Mohawk's and a mutant.

The rival Biker gang

The soon to be very dead Bikers line up to get shot! ;-)

I really enjoyed this although I think elements could be improved or simplified and the book seemed a bit of a nightmare to find anything in!

The Judges declared victory as it was clear they would cross the table without being stopped.
The Bikers were wiped out completely
My Mohawk's whilst losing 5 of the 10 men only lost 125 of the 650 pts as 3 were lowly thugs armed only with knives costing 20pts each!

Cover! that 3+ for cover is a live saver or hellish problem depending which side of the barrel you are looking.

Armour - the ganger lack of any armour or agility really told against the superior judges and their equipment.