Monday, 8 June 2015

WIP Converting Hot Wheels for Mad Max style post apoc gaming

Whilst I wait for the recently ended kickstarter Route 666 I decided to do something I have considered doing for years, converting Hot wheels for use in mad max style post apoc gaming!

These are some of my first attempts none of which are yet finished.

Two front machine guns and some rear armour, tempted to leave this one as is..

Front flamer and rear mini-gun

Two front facing guns and one rear facing

Lots and lots of rockets - the least modified car

One large auto-gun / machine gun

Twin roof guns and a vicious front blade.. this is one of my favourites I think.

I went to town damaging this car up with some pliers/cutters etc, just one roof gun and some spikes

Just the one roof gun and some armour

Wanted a heavily shot up rear armour.

much better then the all over translucent orange!

Big machine gun and front claw

twin roof guns

twin guns with blade attachments

Missile and rear mortar! front blade.

Still plenty to do to finish these up.