Monday, 8 June 2015

99% complete conversions - hot wheels (unless I change my mind again)

So I have mostly finished those WIP hot wheels conversion I showed earlier, I say mostly as I decided on a whim to repaint one completely and to add off colour panels to others to help show the sort of cobbled together mismatch vehicles likely to be found in a post apocalyptic wasteland (I doubt professional body shops and paint stylists are easy to come by)

The road is the print out from the demo pdf for Route 666 scaled to fit A4

I worried this gun would look to big, but I think it works!, very happy with how the mesh worked out on this one, looks better in natural light

Pleased I repainted the bonnet and side door, looks much duller in person, the flash makes the colour pop a lot more here

Another one I really like, although tempted to repaint all the red original bits...hmm

Door and panel repainted but not sure whether I should have left it or should repaint the whole car.... decisions

Very happy I repainted the Green throughout, I did like it before but prefer it now

still not sure about this one but will do

glad I left the original art on the bonnet think it works well

hopefully the full book will have something similar to a mortar otherwise this may need some remodelling :-)

hardly guess its a Aston underneath all this!

Much happier now I repainted the hood, loving the GTO

This has to be my favourite, fits the scene and easiest to do!

Do like this one too, glad I left the flame work

very pleased I repainted this as the orange even after washes was just too plastic y

This has to be the surprise of the lot, when I first looked at the neon orange all over I thought what can I do with this, but please with the effect now especially the tombstone at the back.

Really like this one too, the rush wash makes the original colour nicely faded and dirty as though poorly kept outdoors for years.