Sunday, 2 August 2015

Been Awhile - today at Essex Warriors

Been awhile since I had something to post here, I have been very active on my facebook blog page but nothing there has really been big enough to replicate here and I haven't had the time to do another catch up duplication of what is posted there, so apologies for that.

Today was another Essex Warriors Club day in Writtle Essex.

I played a couple of games of Dreadball - loosing both by landslides!

First game was Veer-myn vs Orx, I lost in the final action of the 14th rush when they made a heroic 4 pointer to achieve a landslide (obviously this means I had already lost the game but good effort!)
I did have to consolation of killing two of his Strikers though :-)

The second game I was the Robots (Chargers) vs Corporation, and I lost by a landslide in the 7th or 8th rush. again he scored a 3 and 4 pointer. 

This was a much quicker game as we were both back up to speed with how to play, it had been a shamefully long time since we had both played and therefore the first game had us reminding ourselves how to play!

I did again kill one striker.

Despite the results it was a great couple of games.

We then played a quick round of Exploding Kitten, the Kickstarter card game that exploded into the most successful kickstarter ever.

It was good fun and I can see getting a fair bit of use from it, was it the best thing I have ever got from KS? not by a mile :-) however it is good and I am happy to have it.

In the afternoon I took part in a massive 8 player x-wing game.
It was fun but as with all skirmish games, once scaled up to lots of players and points it can get really really slow and bogged down, with people going out of turn, forgetting their go or actions etc.

However it was still a fun game even if I think we have to give victory to the Rebel scum.
Those giant ships are lethal!

Other games going on today:
Some DBM, a 40k game using bolt action activation but otherwise normal rules (This is an idea I like for lots of games to be honest), feedback seems to be it was much faster and caused some interesting differences when charging etc.
A Dark ages skirmish using the rules by Too Fat lardies.
And a run through of a Star Trek game which will be used as a show game later this year.
Also the new Halo space battle game was being played, looked good even unpainted.