Friday, 29 May 2015

Thought I would share some of my recently acquired painted figures

Now when I say recent.. I mean some arrived today which I wanted to share and that led me to go "oh yeah" I should probably share all those figures I have yet to use that I aquired over the last few months.

My first Malifaux Crew, Guild.
I have to say they look so much better photoed than in person for some reason!
Not to say I don't like them I do and they are certainly no worse than my best effort was likely to achieve!

However I may one day go through and add the odd bit of detail here and there.

Next up some Angry Monks for Saga.
As you may have seen from earlier posts here I have enjoyed a fair few games of SAGA and am lucky enough to have a lovely painted army which I think these Monks will complement nicely as a Mercenary add on. (Less shiny in person)

I bought these as a utility unit that will fit lots of settings and rule sets, think Tomorrows War, Flying lead, Force on Force, Aliens or any Modern to future setting really.

These I am very pleased with, A unit of Neo-Soviets that again could be used for many settings and rule sets, and will give me an interesting faction to use in such skirmish games.

As many of you will know I am a fan of In her Majesties Name (IHMN) and whilst I have played it many times, never with the official figures,

No longer! I now have a really nice Tong gang for use in IHMN and other rule sets. These were a real bargain and I wish I had stumpt up for the other units that were also on eBay at the time.

Next up the 10 figures arriving this morning. 
Lovely painted as always by Keith Tait - see my earlier post on the Pirates he did for me.
Again most likely to see use in IHMN or possibly a VBCW skirmish, these two units of 5 add some interesting options.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as me, and don't be taken in by the painting table in the background I have not found time to paint myself in a long time, these were all lovingly painted by others and I hope they live long enough on the table to do them justice :-)