Friday, 29 May 2015

Dual Blog window now on Facebook

Given the frequency I check Facebook and the ease of sharing the many great things I come across I have decided to create a Blog Page to run in parallel to this Blog.

As such main posts will still be here and then shared on FB but smaller thoughts will probably find themselves on FB and perhaps consolidated like this if interesting enough to share again.

So far I have discussed a Kickstarter I am looking forward to getting my hands on.

The new deluxe Dreadball mat from Mantic that looks very tempting.

Adrian Tchaikovsky's new book which looks as captivating as his last series.


A Live Wrestling RPG using the WWW World Wide Wrestling rules which I picked up on their Kickstarter but have still to find time and people to play through it with.
This looks like a fun one to listen in too if your in the right time zone or don't have to get up for work.
WWW Journeyman Cup Live

Finally another Blog whose post I thoroughly enjoyed reading and is a prime example of how to set up your characters and setting prior to a game/campaign.