Friday, 29 April 2016

Fallout 28mm - Brother Vinni models

Brother Vinni Fallout 28mm models, really nice look and detail to them, could have better pose options but I suppose if inclined I could have customised them myself.

Plus Titantron large Robot from the Wasteman post apoc game.

Quick paint job, lots of unpainted models to get through

Super mutants, really give the size and menace you would expect

Opted for different colour power armour given the nature of the setting

Need to redo the eye colouring as bit sloppy even for me!

Love this little robot! need to add more on the front light I think..

This deep Gore red looks really nice on models imh

Lord of all he surveys


Really nice Securiton bots too

Titantron is a big lump of Pewter! really nice model

The flying bots look excellent but not happy with the bases - too high, might cut them down to hover instead

Lost one of the eye-bot aerials annoyingly 

Very happy overall and will go nicely with those I finished and received the other day too