Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Painting figures from Macrocosm for use in Post apoc 28mm gaming

I picked up some 24 figures from a small company for the game Macrocosm, I intent to use them for Post Apoc or near future sci-fi gaming.

When I first saw them I thought these look really interesting, then when I saw the rebels/mercenaries etc I just had to get them!

I have not painted any miniatures in anger (excluding those Battletech Mechs a few months ago) for probably over a year at least!

In fact I first under-coated these months ago, to my shame!

I was pleased with how they all turned out especially as I managed to do them all in one day over about 4-5 hours.

Although I do worry the wash has made them too dark and grimy that was kind of the look I wanted as they are likely in a warzone or post apoc setting so clean and pristine wouldn't really cut it lol

Feedback on the style I have ended up with is always appreciated so I know for next time!

His lips still come out too red for my liking so might darken his mouth up a bit, plus add a blue streek on their sunglasses maybe

Given my rustyness I am more than happy with how they came out and look forward to hitting the table top with them