Saturday, 2 April 2016

How many rulebooks are too many..

How many rulebooks are too many..

I have come to the inesapable conclusion I have too many rule books...

It starts innocently enough, different genres, different scales, different levels of detail etc etc
(Excluding fixed settings like zombicide, x-wing, wings of glory, and boardgames)

  1. Dystopian wars - maybe replaced by the new fleet wars when released. V2 seems to have got a mixed response
  2. Malifaux v2 - need to play more, not played since got my own copy!
  3. 40k 6th/7th - although this is slipping way out this last year or so along with any interest I had although still like the setting and novels.
  4. Songs of blades and heroes (mdrg, flying lead etc) - still a favourite and current kickstarter for add on to MDRG post apoc setting with simian's!
  5. Wasteman - just arrived but looks fun
  6. This is not a test - backing current kickstarter
  7. In her Majesties Name - still a favourite
  8. Blood eagle - based on IHMN new release that I'm tempted to pick up
  9. Saga - had some great fun but seems to be out of favour with many near me
  10. Black powder/hail Caesar/pike an shot - still good fun but mostly used for adapted steampunk/Vic sci fi
  11. Battletech alpha strike - I do like this
  12. Battletech total warfare - too complicated and detailed for me prefer AS above.
  13. En guarde - newly received but yet to play
  14. Bolt action - enjoy and played couple games
  15. Gates of Antares - enjoy and played a couple games
  16. Firestorm armada - could play more
  17. Deadzone - just got PDF of v2 looks fun but not played yet
  18. Dreadball - need to play much more
  19. Warzone (original) - unlikely to ever play
  20. Rules with no name - need to play more 
  21. smile emoticon
  22. Force on force - never played
  23. Tomorrow's war - had few good games but not in awhile
  24. 1949 Secrets of third Reich - same as above
  25. Across the dead earth - fun game
  26. Judge dredd - same
  27. Black ops - not played yet
  28. Seven seas - not convinced on these rules
  29. Kings of war - great fun
  30. A world a flame - played once
  31. Lion rampant - great game
  32. Dragon rampant - same
  33. The great war - good
  34. Warhammer fantasy - unlikely to play again
  35. Mordheim - but mean to play this more, seems to be enjoying a local revival
  36. Necromunda - same
  37. Epic - not played in time
  38. Battlefleet Gothic - same
  39. Warmaster - same
  40. Bloodbowl - same
  41. Inquisitor - meaning to play again at 28mm
  42. Rogue star - new sci fi by author of songs of blades and heroes on order
  43. Harder than steel - same
  44. Konflict 47 - on order based on bolt action system
  45. Frostgrave - current favourite with lots of players
  46. Gaslands - car game in development for Osprey
  47. Route 666 - awaiting my kickstarter
  48. 7tv v2 - forgot I had a PDF of this, not played but looks fun, some nice miniatures
  49. Warpath - waiting to see where mantic take this but not sure I need another mass sci fi rule set..
  50. Outrider - was the other car post apoc rules I couldn't recall, have a PNP version as postage from US was too high. Good fun Game
  51. Axles and alloys - another PDF set not played yet
  52. Galleys and galleons - I know should be under SOBH above but worth calling out IMHO.
  53. Macrocosm - I have draft PDF
  54. Shattered crown - from makers of across the dead earth, still alpha PDF so may change
  55. Also a space rules set Fleet wars, by a club member which I have helped play test a few times

Sure there are some others I have forgotten to include, will add if I recall them.
Left out all RPG games from the list as I buy them for interest knowing I'm unlikely to ever game with them 

That's 55 different rule systems! And that's with some groupings so probably in excess of 60 with ease.. Maybe 70+ realised I didn't count all the old DBM DBR books I have etc

Also not counting source or army/theatre/expansion books - I mean bolt action is already at about 6-7 books that I own..

Anyone beat my list and anyone cracked the hoarding bug?

I'm bad at books anyway having amassed around 600 so hoarding rulebooks kind of feels normal but maybe I should off load those least likely to ever be used?