Monday, 9 May 2016

This Sunday at Essex Warriors in Writtle

Some photos of a few of the games taking place at Essex Warriors in Writtle yesterday.

Apologies to those I missed capturing.

I took part in an epic Kings of War game,  6 players, 2500 points each, total 15,000 points on the table.

Ended as a draw, right flank went to the Rats! I took the elves out in the middle despite their horrible beast of a dragon, and then the left flank ended in a draw when they ran out of turns making it 1-1.

Great fun

Also being played:

New version of Sharp practice, Napoleonic skirmish game by Too Fat Lardies, was well attended and looked fun.

Fields of Glory battle,

Some DBM as usual,

A big WW2 Jungle game in Burma?

a WW1 game using Square bashing by Peter Pig