Friday, 8 July 2016

Update on lots of things

Update on lots of things

As with these sort of things life and other activity can get in the way of updating a blog.
Not to say I have not been busy with gaming activity because I have and some of which can be seen on my Facebook blog of the same name (easier to update on the fly and with short snip-its)

Trying to paint up my Black Plague base set, the extras and expansions from the KS are still in the big box they came in but look great and sure I will get them all done one day!

(I better before Massive Darkness delivers otherwise I might drown in plastic)

Only a couple of snaps from a great 5 player game of Deadzone v2, 200pts each.
I used proxy rebs and i think we all found it a great wee rule set and once you got to grips only minimal reference to some special rules was needed through out.

will have to play this more, and want to custom build some Necrumunda type gangs without sticking to the default groups

Some more Post Apoc painting I did over the last two months but think I forgot to post on here,
Some more Battletech I am working on although most are not photoed yet!
Some terrain I have finished and or still working on too
and a small but busy table for various skirmish games

oh and a painted Toy pirate ship that I am quite pleased with

Also picked up Horizon Wars rulebook which looks really good fun