Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Last time at the club - Essex Warriors

Despite being quiet here I have actually had rather a lot going on game wise over the last few weeks I have just lacked the time to post anything up!

So given the chance thought I would share some of last weeks action

I was involved in a large three on three game of 40k

We usually play a tournament at this time of year but the organiser decided to go for a large battle this time.

We were using 7th ed but with some additional rules specifically the "Highlander" rule so we were only allowed 1 of each thing i.e. rhino, land raider etc.
An troop choices had to alternate so SM would be Marines, Scouts, Marines etc

Allowed one Ally and no lords of war :-(
2000pts each player.

I brought a Imperial Guard force augmented by some Space Marines and found my self facing Necrons - if you have my luck you can guess my thoughts before we started!

My allies were Sisters of battle with Space Marine allies and a third force comprising of just Marines.
My two allies both faced Chaos Marines. 

A long view of the table - it was a bit like a flat horse shoe, with a battle on each flank and one in the middle.

I was on the Imperiums right flank.

The middle saw the Dark Angels take on some fallen Emperors Children.

The left wing saw the sisters and I think it was also Dark Angels take on the followers of change.

The photos are all over the shop I'm afraid as they were intended for our Club face book page rather than my Blog so I didn't capture all the goings on, but hopefully they give a flavour.

We had floating objectives and a card system which randomly showed which fixed objectives counted each turn.

Above is the amazing aftermath of my Elite choice with only three Storm troopers left after engaging a full unit of immortals.
They wiped out half my squad in the shooting for little losses and then charged in... 
Losing the melee by 1 and then being overrun as they fell back :-)
Never have the dice favoured me so in 40k games! 

The rest of the fight saw usual service resume as I failed any rubbish saves I was allowed and saw all my hits bounce off the enemy or saw them stand back up each phase,
It can be frustrating to play against Necrons in my opinion but it really follows much of the fluff in my opinion.

The big red barge was taken out for the loss of my land raider and my Rhino followed the Leman Russ in being glanced to death by Gauss guns.

One of the floating objectives turned out to be a master thief who promptly stole a resurrection orb in the first turn and then skipped away from the Necron unit.

Only for my flanking scouts to capture him later on for a VP.

The two flyers were fairly devastating to my force and one went on to cause a lot of damage to the Dark Angels on the next table too.

Most of the fights seemed fairly even but the evil side felt like they were edging it.

A clearer view below of my battle ground 

Out of sink here as above and below is a setup shot of the table

I would say when we called it my force was heading for being wiped out to a man however I also managed to kill of most of the Necron force, partly this was due to the Monolith failing all of its reserve rolls and by the time it joined I had almost nothing I could touch it with.
VP wise we drew 2:2
1 each for catching or in the Necrons case being robbed by the Master thief.
I had 1 for holding an active objective and the Necrons killed my leader in the penultimate turn.

Their Lord cut through my remaining units near the end and even though I took out most of his guard unit, he still killed a Dreadnought and my Space Marine Captain plus a number of guard and my Lord Commissar who I was foolish to charge in with.

Learning points I really need to look at the options in more detail as apparently I could have upped by Marine Captain to easily beat the Necron Lord but as I just took standard kit he had no chance.

I really don't play 40k much despite having a lots of stuff for it and I've always been more into the narrative side than the competitive side.

I don't aim to lose but I will almost always do the stupid but fun thing even if it means I lose the game.

Best example and the only time I came near to playing in a GW store, I was asked to take part in a demo scenario, I had a leman russ demolisher and the opponent had a Marine with Melta bombs, this might even have been under 4th or 5th editions I forget but the crux of it is I had the chance to kill him with my lascannon or the amusing choice of trying to hit him with the demolisher cannon... well you can guess which I went for, few seconds later boom went my tank lol.

It was a great days gaming and I think ended 5-4 to the Chaos/Necron team although might have been slightly more in their favour.