Saturday, 8 November 2014

IHMN: Dark night at the rail-yard - a solo game play

Having recently (finally) got hold of a nice cheap rail set that works (IMHO) with 28mm I have been dying to try it out in anger.

Having recently plaid IHMN I decided to use it again for this play through.

This is more of a scenario game with conflict being a sign of failure for one side.
The Detective and his batman have heard rumors of odd material being stolen from the rail-yard in the dead of night and along with some local bobbies set to staking it out one wet dark night.

For game purposes they will always move first and in pre-determined beats at a walk until they hear or see anything suspicious.

Opposing them are what appear to be ninja clad robbers who's objective is to search every train car and engine in the yard and on the roll of a 9+ they locate an item that must be returned to their employers car at the entrance.

Every one had pluck 5+.
Ninjas have speed 3 (via martial artist talent)
Ninjas make pluck rolls to climb and jump - up, down and across at +2
Bobbies make rolls at -1 unless using a ladder.
Bobbies can only see and hear 6", if someone falls from a height there is a chance they will be seen or heard and a pluck roll may be made.

If a bobby succeeds and spends their action blowing their whistle or firing a gun then all other bobbies will move towards the sound but can only engage those spotted.

The Detective and his Batman will wait by their car at the engineers hut until the call goes out.

The Ninjas get: 
1VP for each item returned.
1VP if they are totally undetected and all escape
1VP if detected but all escape

The Detective gets 5VP for each Ninja arrested.

The layout

The Ninjas assemble

The detective invites his Batman in to make him a cup of tea.

The bobbies patrol their beat

Showing their agility the Ninjas advance with stealth

Oblivious a bobby carries out his beat with shadowy ninjas crossing behind him

The search begins...

An early success, item found right near the start

Another in quick succession whilst the Detective is oblivious near by

Another tempt of fate and another success, still undetected.

Disaster one slips and falls and then fails his pluck roll becoming knocked down,
Luckily everyone fails to hear him as a clap of thunder overhead drowns out his embarrassment!

Must have knocked the wind from him as he fails to get back up!

Meanwhile the rest continue to ghost through the yard unseen

With most of the yard searched it looks like a walk over for the Ninjas

Unbelievable he got up and then fell straight back down and failed again becoming knocked down.
They still hear nothing!!

And just as it seemed all that could go wrong would another fell right in front of a patrolling officer!
A sharp blast of his whistle and the game is up!

The standing Ninja attempts to silence him but he makes his pluck roll and misses with his return attacks.

The other officers close in as they scramble up the passenger car,

The Ninja proves incapable of taking out this pesky coppa, and equally avoids arrest.

Oh NO! the treacherous conditions sees both officers and the detective fall over from the car losing valuable turns

However the Ninja seem incapable of ending his fight and escaping, the law close in and eventually he is pulled down and clapped in irons by the Officers.

"A good night work men, get this fellow make to the jail house immediately."

Having abandoned their fellow the rest of the Ninjas escape with a total of 3 items from the yard,

So a victory for the Detective 5VP to 3VP however he left it late in the day!

A quick fun scenario, fairly happy with how it played considering I made most of it up on the fly and wrote nothing down before this.

Looking forward to some more games using this interesting set up.

For anyone interested the train set used is found here: