Thursday, 18 December 2014

Completed Pirate and Navy line up ready to Skirmish

Barely have I posted about waiting for my newly painted figures and what should arrive in the post but the very subject of my desire!

First thoughts: - very pleased and well worth it.

I can now add them to the 10 painted pirates I already possessed giving me 31 painted figures and a dog all ready to campaign and skirmish in a buccaneer setting!

First up the ten I had ready (painted by eBay so far as were concerned here)

I really like these ten although I now realise I have rather a lot with peg legs.. oh well it was a dangerous life after all!

Next up the 21 painted by Keith Tait.

 My drunken ex-smuggler and his dog

The erst while British Naval Marines

Their potentially evil aristocratic commander

Pirate or eager and well meaning Naval officer..

The pirates or naval ratings depending on the unit in use

Whilst the painting is great I was at first a bit unsure about having an unarmed figure however he will make a good doc or scenario figure so probably be quite useful!

A rival captain or first mate, potentially even a colonial officer, hmm looks a bit like a Dutch merchant captain in Sid Meier's pirates game.

The Pirate Captain - at least one of them!

All together the pirates

And the Guards + Smuggler and dog :-)

Over all very pleased and can't wait to find time to set up and game a test solo skirmish.

Planning to use the Flashing steel rules by Ganesha Games

As a fan of their various rule systems I've been looking forwards to trying them out.

Just resisting the urge to add a ship or too to my 28mm options!