Monday, 10 September 2012

Fleet repairs

I foolishly decided to have another read of the space combat rules Firestorm armada.
This promptly led to me having nearly every model ship I own out on a table to assess their gaming readiness!

Alas a number are in need of a new paint job and some adhesive!

Not to mention a couple of acquisitions that still needed taking out their packets...the shame.

This is a collection of mostly Battlefield Gothic Imperial ships along with some Space Marine ships and a Terran fleet from Firestorm Armada.

This is one of my newer purchases a Dreadnought for the firestorm rule set, it is a fairly large model!!

To give a size comparison here is a Terran Dreadnought and a Imperial Battleship, as you can see the Terran ship is quite a bit larger..

Some of the repair yard activities, my Black stone fortress needs a new stand sorted out, really the amount of people who snap the base off and give up selling their ships cheaply as a result.. now I just need to get around to re basing them and touching up their paint jobs.

PMC Games Saxon Village

Off on a slightly different topic... I recently received part of my order from PMC games, a very nice and reasonably priced village which comes fully painted to a decent standard, well worth a look. I also have their desert buildings and am waiting on a medieval town set too :-) 

I particularly like the manor house or perhaps simple church.. plenty of scope for varied gaming!

Now I just need to justify the early 20th C buildings for my WW1, WW2 and VBCW settings :-)