Sunday, 30 September 2012

Battle of a small village

The battle for a small village

This is a inter war battle skirmish between two small squads of French and German set in a small village in the English country side, both sides are volunteers fighting for one or other of the factions prevalent in the British civil war setting.

This was more as a run through of the basics of the Warhammer WW1 rules The Great war and an excuse to use some very nicely painted figures I acquired awhile back but had yet to use properly.

                             The Germans came on from the right of the village in a long skirmish line.

The French advanced in two groups from the left of the village.

Both sides advanced towards each other with the French drawing first blood.

A spattering of casualties on each side as the distance closed.

The Germans start to take heavier casualties with the French have had the first turn advantage allowing them to shoot first as the range closes. 

However the Germans heavier weapons mow down a number of the French causing one squad to break and flee.

However both remaining Germans also break and flee leaving the French as the victors.

A very small/fast skirmish game which essentially told me I need a much larger table to get the most out of these rules and to use more figures at a time!
However I had kind of thought that might be the case so wasn't too disappointed. 
It plays as expected similar to 40K however the lack of armour saves makes it more lethal.