Friday, 21 September 2012

Firebrand Campaign setting

Campaign setting

I decided to set out my solo campaign setting here to help keep me focused on it :-)
This will largely be campaigned using Firebrand.

Whilst Firebrand has its own setting I like generating my own backgrounds for solo gaming - I find it can be a fun exercise in its own right.

As a result my setting is not specifically based within the world set out in Firebrand but nor is it set in any other.

The key setting here is a realm in turmoil. The Monarch passed without declaring a heir and the Council of Ten rule in the absence of a ruler.

Out with these ten there are a large number of powerful and influential people some of whom support one of the council, one of their own or are undecided as to who should rule the realm.

There is twenty Electors who can vote along with the council of Ten to select the next ruler.

This uncertainty is pushing them towards civil war, whilst there are large armies within the realm my campaign will at least to start with focus on the opening skirmishes before full scale war erupts.

I have calculated the total wealth and number of troops that could be called upon by the top 13 candidates for the throne plus those still undecided.
However the majority of these are not directly pledged to one person or another but rather are pledged to someone who in turn puts their support behind another and so on.

I have decided against having a map as such to allow me to create interesting scenarios without worrying about distance and too much detail which I think would bog me down and stop me getting any games in!

Row Labels Sum of Crowns in vault Sum of Troops
Undecided             195,485     641,837
Lord Inquisitor Neil Larch-Bac             130,688     485,788
Pirate Captain Kylah Levere               74,253     223,687
First Lord Igor Riggert               58,849     121,385
Lord Governor Forest Glassford-Cirne               14,974     119,125
Lord Forestanus Brasier               78,158       99,398
Prince Manpreet Clerici-Blumreich                   729       91,810
General Saman Yaron               62,744       74,678
Cpt-General Gianna Beville-Pridmore               96,011       65,256
Arch-Bishop Valentino Debias               29,680       41,151
Viscount Beibhinn Kadlecik                8,865       40,365
Lord Governor Deo Ratz                6,513       38,356
Lord Inquisitor Monaldus Diquattro               62,708       32,397
Lord Governor Alinuswe Klettke-Kenter                     31               8
Grand Total             819,688  2,075,241

This will be the adventurers of Mercenary Captain Knox Vesper and his company of men.

A shadowy figure know as the broker contacts Captain Vesper at the Lion Rampart Inn a common watering hole for Mercenaries in the South of the Realm.

The job is to ambush Lord Governor Alinuswe Klettke-Kenter and ensure he is removed both from the Council of Ten and the fight for the throne. The Lord Governor lacks any notable support and is both poor in wealth and troops, his place on the council was gained through family ties and the love many of the common folk have for him, despite or perhaps because of his scruffy appearance and lack of organisational skills!

The Governor is travelling with his eight guards to meet with Arch Bishop Valention Debias a colleague on the Council of Ten who also has no notable support of his own but has both coin and men but lacks the support of the people.

Captain Vesper has chosen his place well and decides to bring all thirteen of his men to ensure a successful ambush!
Six Musket-men, Five Pikemen a Standard Bearer and Vesper mounted.
Lord Governor Kenter is mounted and has five pikemen, two crossbow men and a standard bearer.
If the Governor makes it through the Town or survives for 5 Turns their is a chance troops from the Arch-Bishop will turn up.

The trap is sprung!

The musket men pop up on either flank whilst some of the pikemen block the road.

The Lord Governors pikemen lead him in.

Opening shots take out the lead Standard Bearer and knock down the lead Pike man.

The pikemen mix it up and the ambushers have a momentary scare..

The Captain rally's his men and the tide continues to whittle the defenders down.

Musket shooting ends the life of the Lord Governor completing the contract and freeing up on of the ten spots on the council!

Two Musketmen and One Pikeman were Knocked out during the fight and one of each were overcome by their injuries, the other Musket man recovered and gained the trait Tough.

The Captain and his men quickly fade away from the scene to spend their earnings and await the next contract.