Sunday, 16 September 2012

Firebrand - skirmish

This will be my first game using the new Firebrand set of rules adapted from the SOBH rules by Ganesh games.

Also well worth a look is:

Has a list of official amendments to the rules and some nice battle reports.

Whilst this is just going to be a simple skirmish not linked to any campaign I decided it would be a good time to use a random generator I have pulled together in Excel to help set the scene.

The small village of Decelea is of average wealth but abundantly supplied due to the Tin and Iron mines that fall within its control.
The current ruler of the village is Seneschal Foege-Biffle (pictured below).
At 64 he is getting to an age where he would rather not be facing combat in his full plate armour! He is known as courageous and abundantly wealthy.

At their command are two junior officers, 10 musket men, 10 pikemen and 2 standard bearers.

Lieutenant Sophia-Brooke Doeing is a young 14 year old new to arms and is determined and affectionate. Of average wealth.
Lieutenant Caela Passione is a 59 year old selfless and devoutly religious officer of average wealth.
(These attributes and traits have no game effect and are provided to lend character)

Attempting to take control of this village and its resources is a local rival Lord Caledonia Doerhoff.
Is known to be intelligent but slow in his decision making, aged 27 and abundantly wealthy. (I wonder how long it took him to decide to attack...)

His force comprises 15 pike men and 8 crossbowmen along with two junior officers and 2 standard bearers.
Lieutenant Bizzero Dabbraccio is aged 30 and is disciplined and tough. He is abundantly wealthy.
Lieutenant Lorin Korth is a highly charismatic 26 year old who takes on others points of view easily. He is wealthy.

The defenders have 592 points against the attackers 614 points but I'm not to bothered about this as I find identically matched forces a bit tiresome as they are so prevalent when playing against other people!
The attackers go first.

Marching forwards in good order.

The musket men in the middle are ordered to volley fire at a crossbowman - killing him with a total score of 3 to 1 (tripled) well it was 5 against 1!

The second 5 also launch a volley against a crossbow man, taking another one out as KIA.
The crossbow men return volley fire taking one musket man in the centre out of action.

A second volley knocks another man out of the action. (Doubled score rather than tripled)

The first volley picks off another crossbow man but the second volley meets with disaster, the feedback trait means on the roll of a one the shooter falls over as this was a volley I interpret this as all 5 men fall over! however it could be that only one should fall and the others just miss, will have to check with the authors or on the forums at some point.

As there is no order to stand up I will have to activate each man in turn to get back up next time around allowing the attackers to close the distance!

As luck would have it a prompt turn over and some lucky rolls (standard bearer assisted) allows all 5 to get straight back up at the first attempt.. phew.

I just realised I left three standards on the attackers side rather than the two I pointed up, oh well.
Some more volley fire quickly rectifies this mistake! one standard down.

Some more good volley fire thins the approaching ranks, however three pikemen manage to charge into combat with the three remaining central musket men and their officer joins the fray as he is within one short.

Three musket men are knocked over in quick succession due to the pole arm trait, even the one combat where the officer also got involved making it two on one for the defender ended with the musket man on the floor as the charge bonus combined with using the defenders lowest C rating of 1 rather than the officers 2 led to them losing by one with pole arm allowing him to be knocked over!
Both officers are needed to turn the tide as musket men are not suited to melee!

The defenders pike men finally make it to the front and some charge in with immediate effect knocking over the front rank who not only hold up those behind but any failure to stand will most likely see them dead next time round!

Things are looking bleak for the attackers, Lord Doerhoff charges in slaying a pikeman in an attempt to turn the tide.

The two commanders meet in a clash over the wall and Lord Doerhoff is forced back, LT Passione the orders two msuket men to open fire on the Lord! most un-chivalrous and their armour piercing fire takes the Lord out of the game with some good dice rolls! If he survives he will no doubt be ransomed back for some of that large wealthy he is known for!

Seeing their Lord fall all those troops near by need to make morale tests..

And fail drastically I decide their is insufficient left to fight on and the attackers run for it!

The Lord survives his wounds but is captured and ransomed back for a pretty penny!

A very enjoyable game that was, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed these rules and think they work very nicely to allow larger troop formations whilst keeping the ethos of SOBH.

I did tweek them slightly in that the rules state only up to 5 models can be ordered at once however as I had laid out blocks of 6 men I allowed that.
I also allowed the eleven defending pikemen marching on in column to be ordered as one until they got within one long or came under fire as it felt right to me.

Can't wait for my next solo battle with these rules and I may actually get round to doing a campaign.

Hope you enjoyed this.