Sunday, 23 October 2016

Rome: a passion and long term project

So I have always been enamoured by Rome and its history, yet my wargaming past has often seen me shy away from it as a period.

Maybe its by slow painting or the fact sci fi and fantasy took such a forefront along with WW2 etc but I have always wanted to spend more time playing in the time of Ceaser and the Republic

Whilst I have less time to paint delaying any rush into building a legion!
I have had a passing acquisition of gladiators and their ilk

I picked up Songs of Shadows and Dust a Ganesh games rules set for skirmishes in Roman cities between gangs or followers rather than mass battles

I really want to get some proper games in and to that end have been starting on some suitable figures, mostly using the Numidian infantry box set I picked up on the cheap, otherwise I have plenty of Gladiators and now other Roman types to populate the streets and arena

Some of the kit based Raptors below

Some pugilists two bought and two kit bashed

Three Tribunes and a guard

Three Senators out enjoying the games perhaps, also an experiment using nail art gems for rings and such, think it works fairly well on the right models

The Emperor and his aide and a guard

A kit bashed trainer/dokter to referee and train fights/fighters 

Finally got hold of a copy of this OOP ruleset by Warhammer historical
Even includes rules for fighting Ostriches! 
very detailed and lots of information, well worth picking up 

Pre weathering and basing

Bargain Playmobile arena, this thing is pure massive!
OOP for awhile but since I saw it I had to have it to base my arena around, I have lots of ideas to develop it but may end up looking like this for awhile!

Tempted to keep the playmobile statues lol

£22.50 including p&p the next two I saw went for over £70 each! so well chuffed

Two pugilists prepare to fight