Friday, 14 October 2016

Pocket Chariot racing: 6mm using (Faustus Furius) FAVSTVS FVRIVS by Ganesha games / Irregular Wars.

 As many of you who follow my ramblings will know, I am rather partial to the out put
from one Ganesha games.

I recently decided to add their new Chariot racing game to my collection and deciding I wanted it to be a quick fast play game which could be taken easily to fill free time etc, I opted for the 6mm chariots.

This should allow me to come up with a nice detailed yet storable and transportable circus maximus to take around places with ease including on holiday etc.

Recommended minimum track size is 30cm by 60cm so easily manageable

 The chariots I ordered painted from Irregular Miniatures and I am pleased with my purchase and look forwards to getting them in a race!

I opted for ten in different colours allowing for multiple players, yes I know the historical should have kept me to the main 4 Roman coloured teams, but so what!

I do however prefer the idea of pure racing so although these rules allow for all sorts of chariots and archers etc, I will tend to lean towards the historical racing section of the rules.

Now to build a arena!
Various ideas, if I can find the right old electric horse racing game, looks perfect to paint up!

I also have a large(ish) number of ready to game 28mm Gladiators so once my arena for that arrives I will be all set for a day at the Roman games!