Friday, 14 October 2016

Last Sunday at Essex Warriors: Imperial Skies using Dystopian wars fleets, and Kings of Wrath

Last Sunday I made it back down Essex Warriors and took part in two great fun games.

First up was a game of Wrath of Kings, 6 players and 4 of us had never played it before.
Game went well and I was suprised to say our side was the winners with minimal casualties.
Rules seemed to go down well and whilst I have some nitpicking over a couple of the rules wordings in the main it is a straight forward and fun wee game.

As is often the case the full table was provided by Mike who's painting as usual puts mine to shame!

I understand there is some distribution issues for this game within the UK which is a shame.
Other players remarked the setting and style lends its self to also using Warmachine figures which i think is a good point.

Next up is the game I was most looking forwards too and the one that leads the photos below.

We all have large Dystopian wars fleets and in the main they are some lovely models to game with.
As such we used them here for our first game of the new rules set Imperial Skies.

The view being that this is a simpler and faster rule set to use than Dystopian 2.0
I personally still like DW however I can understand how the plethora of special rules and advanced options can make it seem unwieldy. The base mechanics I like however.

And there is a lot to not in IS that is similar both the DW and other games I have played.
Each gun has a class L, M, H, and each of those classes improves the chance of causing a hit the closer you get.
There are range bands which are a neat 5" apart and the weapon classes fit nicely within those improving rolls needed from 6, 5,6, 4,5,6 as you get closer to the target.

They also utilise exploding 6 on shooting rolls which is another thing I am fond of in naval games specifically.

We had a mixture of naval and air based fleets in this game and chose to exclude the optional altitude rules for this play through.

Having 6 big fleets on the table in a 3v3 game looked great and we were into the action from the start.

Having 100 of each of the 3 colour dice needed on the table also made for a contrasting change!
each colour corresponds to a range band making working out which dice are for which guns nice and easy.

once we got in range, most fleets drifted slowly forwards unloading broadsides each turn, we had a couple of crossing the T which was damaging.

the idea of having a card per ship and marking off damage and the impacts is similar to other rules but is kept really simple by when you reach a negative modifier it applies to all guns and movement.

I was very pleased my dice rolling did not desert me and our side won our second victory of the day!

A Great days gaming all around