Thursday, 9 October 2014

SOBH Solo quick play three way battle (Pic heavy)

I have been craving a SOBH game for ages and finally I had a free hour within which to get a game in.

I decided as it was just me and I wanted to get a interesting game in I would try a three way skirmish between 300pt warband using more figures than normal by having everyone except the leaders be rabble meaning they die on anything but a draw, as expected this made for a bloody fast battle.
I ignored the rabble must not be better than Q4+ for this game.

The Human force consisted of 299pts

Red shield leader - Q3+ C2
Heavy Armour, Hero, Leader, Steadfast 92pts

Red shield Troopers - Q4+ C2
Heavy Armour, Rabble, Steadfast 17pts

Purple Guards - Q3+ C2
Heavy Armour, Rabble, Steadfast 22pts

The Forest dwellers force consisted of 302pts

Pack leader - Q3+ C3
Big, Forester, Hero, Leader, 102pts

Warriors - Q3+ C3
Big, Forester, Rabble,  32pts

Hunters and Priestesses - Q4+ C2
Big, Forester, Rabble,  17pts

The Dwarf force consisted of 306pts
Dwarf Lord leader - Q3+ C2
Heavy Armour, Hero, Leader, Steadfast 92pts

Dwarf Axe men - Q3+ C2
Heavy Armour, Rabble, Steadfast 22pts
Dwarf Gunner - Q3+ C2
Shooter Long, Good Shot, Unerring aim, Rabble, Steadfast 42pts

I kind of felt the forest dwellers have an edge but felt these would be interesting opponents.

The Dwellers as you would expect enter from the woods, whilst the Dwarfs and Humans enter on opposing edges from the Rockies.

The first turn began with all the sides advancing towards the crossing point.

 The Humans decided to engage the Dwarfs straight away

 An interesting skirmish developed

 The dwellers advance seeking to take both sides in the flank whilst they are occupied with each other

 The use of rabble makes combat lethal with most combats ending in a kill

Humans and Dwarfs take major losses before the dwellers are even engaged

 Only the Dwarf Lord prevents a total massacre

The Dwellers full of confidence engage the nearest enemies

Sensing the danger the Dwarf Lord rushes in to engage the first warrior before more of his band die.

The Human force attempts to double up and make numbers count against their larger foes

If the Dwellers could stop rolling unlucky turnovers they could have wrapped this game up by now.

At high cost the dwellers start taking losses

The Warrior is taken out by some fancy concentrated Dwarf shooting

The Lord takes the fight to them cutting down a priestess

Not to be outdone the Human leader cuts his way in over the bodies of his men

Another falls to his sword but by this time he is the only Human left standing

More excellent shooting from the Dwarf gunners, the only members left in the Dwarf band apart from their Lord.

The opposing leaders put their differences behind them and engage the dwellers

As more dwellers fall the pack leader advances.

The dice appear to be with the Human leader however even with this it is only enough to knock him down.
And the very next chance he is back to his feet and another pack hunter has joined the fray

Just as it all looks over some excellent dice and luck with the turnovers sees the Pack leader knocked down again and then finished off whilst floored! This causes the surrounding pack to take moral tests which they mostly fail fleeing back into the woods.

Caught up celebrating his victory the Human leader fails to notice the two dwarf gunners have moved up and with one volley they take him out the game.

The Dwarf lord and his surviving two gunners take the victory and celebrate with casks of ale.

A very fast but very enjoyable game, think using so many rabble may be a bit over the top but it did allow for me to use lots of models and have a large engaging battle.

Hopefully start getting more battles in again to share.