Sunday, 14 August 2016

Essex Warriors: Horizon Wars: The Moeris Kingdom invades the border Worlds to expand their domain

This Sunday at the Essex Warriors I convinced Gordon to give me a game of Horizon Wars,
I decided to set it within my setting and opted of an early 4ME conflict setting

The Year 4000: The Moeris Kingdom invades the border Worlds to expand their domain.
I will be playing the part of the Moeris Kingdom and Gordon will be the forces of the Border World

Location: Planet Henlade (Border World)
A Tourist Hub World with a Cool Temperate climate
Population c42Billion
Abundant Wealth
Good Supply availability
Zero advanced Mech Factories
A Medium strength garrison extremely loyal in nature
Planet Ruler: 
First Lord Wyland Musico
Planet Garrison commander: Colonel Colyn Ramer-Lewkowicz

Invading forces
Lead by 
Viscount Solinus Joas
The garrison commander for the planet Kayseri
A much smaller Tourist world with a tropical climate, the Viscount sees this as a opportunity to carve out his own domain whilst strengthening the Kingdom.

This kind of unsanctioned conflict is common especially around boarder and rim space, provided he succeeds he will find his actions approved along with the rewards however should he fail...

Slight change this became a Solo write up at home following a last minute change in availability

I went for an all mech affair which lasted three turns and about an hour, 15P a side, 8 Defending Red mechs vs 7 attacking Green and white mechs.

Defenders led by Colonel Colyn Ramer-Lewkowicz

P3 F4 M3, A3, D4: Medium range
Survived with 4 damage

Grand Titan
P3 F3 M3 A3 D5: Short range
KIA ten damage

P2 F3 M4 A2 D3: Medium range
KIA 9 damage

P2 F2 M4 A2 D3: Agile frame, Assault rig, Frag screen
KIA 11 damage

P1 F3 M4 A2 D3: Medium Range
KIA 6 damage

P2 F2 M4 A3 D3: Assault righ, Frag screen
KIA 11 damage

P1 F3 M3 A2 D2: Short Range
KIA 7 damage

P1 F3 M4 A1 D2: Short range
Survived Damage 3

Only two mechs operational at the end of turn three for the defenders

Invaders lead by Viscount Solinus Joas

P3 F6 M3 A3 D3: Long range
Survived 3 damage

P3 F6 M3 A3 D3: Medium range
KIA 7 damage

P2 F4 M3 A2 D3: Medium range
KIA 2 damage - lucky first two hits both wiped out its armour!

P2 F6 M3 A2 D2: Short range
KIA 9 damage

P2 F4 M3 A2 D3: Long range
Survived 1 damage

P2 F4 M3 A3 D3: Short range
KIA 11 damage

Night Hawk
P1 F2 M4 A2 D2: Agile frame
KIA 2 damage - another lucky first set of hits taking the armour out

Only two mechs operational and whilst I could have probably pressed and won the day the Warhammer with only two remaining armour was looking a risk against the battlemaster

Withdraw to regroup before launching a final assault on the planets damaged defenders

The first major point of conflict over a city hub and agriculture centre, heavily defended by the planetary garrison

Must try my other lens out next time as still not overly happy with these photos, think its as much the poor lighting in the kitchen as anything!

Well I again enjoyed this set of rules and will definitely be using them as much as possible