Saturday, 24 November 2012

Tomorrow's war solo skirmish

Today I finally got around to a skirmish using the Tomorrow's war rule set by Ambush Alley games.

I have played these once many months ago at a club game which was very enjoyable and led me to picking up a set of the rules. Numerous people on-line have already discussed the good and bad points about these rules or the presentation of these rules and I feel little will be added by me adding my two-pence so let me leave it as whilst I would agree these rules are perhaps not in the most reader friendly order once you read them a few times and get some games under your belt you will likely find them a nice set of rules that add something different compared to some of the other Sci-fi rule sets out there. I certainly enjoy them :-)

To allow me to recap the rules and due to my limited gaming space I opted for a small straight forward skirmish using figures not normally seen on the sci-fi table (I do have futuristic troops but for the setting I had in mind I felt these would work just as well. Besides that's one of the advantages of solo play!)

This combat takes place on a small colony with socialist/French heritage-cultural leanings. Attempting to win control of their resources are some Neo-German mercenaries under the employment of the Das Sansig corporation.

The Borbouis Colonial militia occupy defensive positions around a heavily shelled colonial government building. The Mercenary force aims to take this after a few days stalemate.

Both sides are equally matched in terms of components and quality however the Mercenaries have higher morale and a better medium walker. They also may get the option of calling in support fire.

The Merc's have initiative and attempt to open fire with the squad entrenched across the way from the dug-in defenders. The militia win a reaction test and both squads in the trench open up first. Two Merc's go down.

The Merc Mech comes into view and opens fire on the trench squad. Two down and they fail their moral test leaving them pinned.

The Colonial Mech moves out of cover and attempts to fire on the opposing walker. Winning the reaction test they open fire only to fail to cause any damage. The Mercenary now returns fire..
Luck of the dice all three beat the five defending dice meaning they not only score a hit but the D8 gets two up shifts meaning a roll on a D12 for the damage, not looking good already!
Damn a vehicle killed result on a six so close!

To keep the game going as there is no other AT on the table I allow the colonial commander the chance of calling for support.
A light VTOL in the area manages to make one attack on the enemy Mech but fails to damage it and in return is hit and forced to land, another major blow to the poorly equipped colonials.
There is a chance of armour support in the next two turns so I will see if they live that long whilst the surviving     walker has a free run of the table!

The final two non-initiative units then open fire on the Merc squad in sight on the edge of the woods and between them manage to win both reaction tests and take out the whole squad.

After first aid tests and casualties are removed the hit trench squad breaks and makes a run for it.

Surprisingly close on the next turns initiative but the Merc's retain it.

The third Merc squad advanced out of the woods and instantly had to dice for reaction fire from all three colonial positions, winning one they took down a militia trooper and pinned his squad. The remaining two militia squads got to fire first! All but the squad support gunner go down!

The Mech opens fire on the balcony and the Militia HQ based there, four of the five go down and failing their moral test the CO pulls back.

A much faster turn, most squads are now hampered by lightly or seriously wounded comrades or both, which is severely restricting movement, the one Merc squad to get a Medic to look after their man ended up getting shot up and forced back into cover.

Turn three.
The Merc Mech takes out both trench squads with some accurate fire power.
The surviving militia abandon hope and flee the table after failing to receive further armour support.

A fun little skirmish which has revived my interest in this rule set, unfortunately it would have benefited from a larger gaming table and some more AT weaponry etc but I still found it enjoyable :-)

 Unfortunately I have run out of free memory for photo's on here so I may need to remove some of the photos from older posts before adding any further posts.. unfortunately I am not currently in a position to pay for increased storage although I will look into possibly doing so after Christmas and the holidays are out the way!