Sunday, 15 November 2015

Today at Essex Warriors

Today at Essex Warriors,

So Its been awhile since I had much going on  wargame wise.
Work, family and exams keeping me from my local club or too much solo gaming related activity.
(some of what I have had time to do can be found on my Facebook blog page)

A few different games on today, I took part in a monsters game and then part of an alternative WW2 game although I had to leave before this concluded.

The buildings all had different values for destroying and each monster was worth 20pts, Jason had the ignominy of loosing two monsters, his Spider getting squished early on in the battle after foolishly getting caught between my Dragon and another players Godzilla!

Godzilla would go on to win over all with two monster kills and some buildings.

A couple of DBM games by the looks of it

Very nice and large alternative Napoleonic battle, with the Spanish invading France after the defeat at Waterloo as was originally planned.

More monster action

The Napoleonic field of battle really taking shape now

Shadows over normandie

Some figures of mine a fellow member painted on my behalf, Dave very pleased mate look awesome.