Sunday, 12 April 2015

Some more great games on at the club today

Some of the games on at the Essex Warriors club today.

Three big Bolt action games all very different

An early war battle in 28mm

A Late war tank battle in 15mm

And a Victorian Sci-fi battle on Venus in 28mm which I had the joy of being part of.
The Prussian and British Right flanks both got effectively wiped out in part due to the focus of the local indigenous troops as well as there direct opposition.

My Prussians took the Oil convoy and the British took the Oil mine whilst the Locals captured the Missionary Church.

Over all a draw but great fun and as always some lovely terrain and models provided by Mike who runs great games using his extensive collection of terrain and miniatures.
Including some excellent home-made steam tanks and trucks alongside the lovely Ironclad ones which I am lucky enough to own a couple of myself.

We also had some other games running too which you can see in the pictures and a couple of card/dice games you can't.