Sunday, 1 February 2015

In Her Majesties name Pirate raid

Today was a club day, however as my opponent lives near by we decided to make the most of it and game at mine instead.

I set up a game of In her Majesties name using the Pirates and British troops I showed a few posts ago.

Both sides were fairly evenly matched.

We had the pirates landing from their launch and the defenders spread slightly around town guarding the three warehouses.

A Smuggler and his contacts in the midst of selling cargo as the Pirates land.

The Captain of the Guard, calls his troops together to meet the threat

The ravaging horde! ;-)

A Dutch Captain and his crew get caught up protecting their cargo. 

The River was impassable except over the bridge or ford.
There is a broken bridge that you could try jumping across if desperate!

All sides converge on the bridge as a choke point.

The Pirates and the Dutch crew mix it up.

Realising their danger the Pirates try and force over the bridge before the Guards get too close.

The brave Dutch Captain beats the terror of facing the deadly pirate two swords and holds his ground.

Playing it safe the Captain leads his troops from behind in a orderly gun line.

Musket fire covers the scene in smoke as they open fire.

The Swirling melee sees the fearsome two swords knocked down!

The Guard open fire with a fearsome display of inaccurate and unlucky shooting!

Against the odds the Dutch Captain pre vales against two swords.

The fighting is intense and brutal

The gun line holds firm shooting into melee regardless of who they might hit to keep the pirates back.

Finally the Dutch Captain and most of his crew fall and the Pirates force the bridge.

However there are so few left it is unlikely they can win the day now

Victory sat outside the pirates grasp for most of the game once they got bogged down at the bridge.

It was very fun regardless with about 270 points a side.

We agreed it would have been better with less open terrain this side of the bridge.
We changed it about for our second game of malifaux in the next post.

Those pirates with peg legs we gave a minus D3 to their movement each turn to signify their difficulty.

Those with hooks we treated as combat knives.

The blunderbuss never got to fire unfortunately.

We treated the pistols as per muskets - so a shooting phase to reload, although a number of models had multiple pistols making keeping track a bit difficult at times.